The GradeDB Project

GRADE-DB: Graceful Degradation via Data Types in Byzantine Quorum Systems

Byzantine quorum systems (BQSs) are used to build fault-tolerant distributed storage services. In choosing a BQS variation, the protocol model and assumptions of the variation must be satisfied in the storage systems to tolerate faulty entities. Performance becomes an important reference in choosing variations of BQSs. In general, better fault tolerance will result in worse performance in a certain usage scenario.

We propose GRADE-DB, a fault-tolerant distributed storage service supporting graceful degradation in BQSs. GRADE-DB servers are capable of running as different variations (or types) of BQSs, and could switch from one to the other without interrupting storage services.

Project team:

Bo Luo <bluo@ittc.ku.edu>, ITTC/EECS, The University of Kansas
Jingqiang Lin <linjq@lois.cn>, State Key Laboratory Of Information Security, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Jingqiang Lin, Bo Luo, Jiwu Jing and Xiaokun Zhang. GRADE: Graceful Degradation in Byzantine Quorum Systems. In 31st International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), 2012. (Acceptance rate: 25%)