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Jong Cheol Jeong is a research fellow in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. He received his Ph.D in Bioengineering at University of Kansas, and he also received two MS degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineeirng respectively.

Jong cheol's current research interests are developing new method and bio-markers to diagnose and understand tumor patients by analyzing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and high resolution 3D tissue & cell images with advanced machine learning and data mining algorithms.

In the past, his research also focused on multiple areas: identifying functional relations of genes and proteins by utilizing gene ontology and genomic and proteomic Big data, developping new machine learning methods to solve small sample and imbalanced problems often observed in microarray data and identifying protein binding sites predictions.

He has worked in Bioinformatics Center at the University of Kansas as both a founder and senior developer of ST-analyzer. For his contributions on ST-analyzer, Jong Cheol was selected one of five Hub Heroes in U.S, 2013.

He worked with Dr. Xue-Wen Chen as a research assistant in Bioinformatics and Computational Life Sciences Laboratory, ITTC. Projects included developing novel machine learning and data mining algorithms to accelerate knowledge discovery in life sciences and engineering fields.

In 2010, Jong cheol worked as one of the major contributors to launch University of Kansas Proteomics Service (KUPS) providing high-quality interacting protein pairs (IPP) and non-interacting protein pairs (NIP).

Jong Cheol Jeong is married to Eunmi Kim. Eunmi and Jong Cheol have two sons, Jayden Geonu and Joshua Myeongu. Here are some photos from happy family memories.

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