• (Media Coverage) Sep 2022: KU Today is covering our research!
  • {Funding} August 2022: Awarded NSF CNS Small on Towards Scalable and Al-based Solutions for Beyond-5G Radio Access Networks.
  • {Funding} August 2022: Awarded NSF CNS Medium on Communication-Computation Co-Design for Rural Connectivity and Intelligence under Nonuniformity: Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation.
  • {Funding} July 2022: Awarded NSF Convergence Accelerator Track G Grant on Combating Vulnerability and Unawareness in 5G Network Security: Signaling and Full-Stack Approach.
  • [Award] May 2022: I received the Miller Award from KU School of Engineering.
  • [Award] Apr 2022: I received the Harry Talley Excellence in Teaching Award, presented by Eta Kappa Nu, The University of Kanasas.
  • {Funding} June 2021: Awarded ONR Grant on Network-Aware Distributed Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion for Spectrum System Intelligence.
  • [Award] May 2021: I received the Miller Award from KU School of Engineering.
  • {Funding} Sep 2020: Awarded NASA Grant on Spectrum Requirements for Unmanned Aerial Systems under BVLOS Scenarios.
  • {Funding} Aug 2020: Awarded NSF CNS Grant on Combating Latency and Disconnectivity in MmWave Networks : From Theory to Implementation.

My research group is based on solving theoretical and applied problems arising in Wireless Communications and Signal Processing. There are numerous applications of my research in statistical inference, optimization theory, adaptive signal processing, information theory, spectrum intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

I received my Ph.D. degree from Purdue University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was a recipient of the best paper award of IEEE Transactions on Communications (IEEE Communication Society Stephen O. Rice Prize 2016). I received KU School of Engineering Miller Faculty Awards (both in 2021 and 2022) and Harry Talley Excellence in Teaching Award (2022).

For prospective graduate students: If you want to conduct research in my group, please feel free to send me an email that contains as minimum support (i) your CV, (ii) academic transcripts, and (iii) a review of one of my papers. I read all emails but have difficulty in responding to every email.