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RIC: Establishing a Multi-Disciplinary Data Science(Status: Active -- Project Award Date: 06-01-2013)
CAREER: Mining Genome-wide Chemical-Structure Activity Relationships in Emergent Chemical Genomics Databases(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 07-01-2009)
By developing innovative tools for graphs and geometric structures, ITTC will enable much better techniques for searching, mining, and analyzing domains of complex data.
MRI: Acquisition of an Advanced Computational Infrastructure for Modeling Biological Systems(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 08-01-2008)
ITTC will acquire a 640-processor parallel cluster for KU scientists to conduct modeling of biological systems. The shared resource will encourage interaction on interdisciplinary projects.
K-INBRE Cellular Pathogen Gene Identification via Graph Data Mining(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 06-27-2007)
New protein sequences offer unprecedented opportunities for knowledge-based sequence annotations. By aiming to automatically transfer experimentally gained biological knowledge from model organisms to newly sequenced genomes, researchers will expedite biological discovery.
K-INBRE: Complete, Upgrade and Enhance Data Handling in the Analytical Proteomics Laboratory(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 06-26-2007)
Investigators are refining software that aids in proteomic and other life sciences research.
K-INBRE: Web Server Tracker, an Automated Literature, Protein/DNA Sequence and Domain Tracking System(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 06-26-2007)
ITTC investigators are procuring a powerful web application server to replace the server that currently runs Web Server Tracker.
CAREER: Machine Learning Approaches for Genome-wide Biological Network Interference(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 02-22-2007)
This research focuses on developing and applying novel computational methods for reconstructing genome-wide biological networks from high-throughput data.
An Online Clearinghouse for Bioinformatics Software Sharing and Evaluation(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-29-2006)
Researchers will develop an online repository for the sharing, distribution, and evaluation of small-scale, public-domain bioinformatics software tools.
Computational Prediction of Beta-Sheet Arrangement (K-INBRE)(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 07-01-2005)
The project aims to better understand inter- and intra- molecular long-range interactions, to apply gained knowledge towards finding solutions for neurodegenerative diseases, and to improve prediction of protein 3-D structure.
First Award: Rapid Integration of Genomic Data from Multiple Sources(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 03-21-2005)
With the steady increase in genomic data, the impact to centers using the public domain Genomic Unified Schema, GUS could be significant. ITTC will provide essential functionality for genome-analysis research and development.
Unified Data Format for Mass Spectrometry Analysis (UDF)(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 01-13-2005)
University of Kansas researchers are developing a suite of data conversion and compression routines capable of generating compact repositories of mass spectrometry data in a unified format suitable for efficient analysis and rapid reconstitution to vendor-specific form.
Development of an Integrated Bioinformatics Information Infrastructure(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 10-13-2004)
Development of a systematic integrated bioinformatics information infrastructure is critical for fostering such multi-faceted (and often inter-related) bioresearch efforts. ITTC research will devise and implement new-networked bioinformatics infrastructure resources for facilitating collaborative, cross-disciplinary biological studies of relevance to chemical and biological defense.
A Computing Facility for Bioinformatics and Life Sciences Research(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-29-2004)
A computing facility will facilitate the development, testing and deployment of new computing technologies in support of research on a variety of life sciences problems. The close collaboration between chemists, biologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists using this facility will result in the creation of new computing and information technologies and will directly lead to increasing our understanding of biological systems.
Computational Proteomics: Protein Interaction Prediction(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-01-2004)
The long-term objectives of this research include better understanding protein functions based on their domain structures and predicting protein domains in terms of their functions.
Constructing Gene Networks from Microarray Data for Age-Dependent Epiliptogenesis(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 07-01-2004)
It is the goal of this project to develop new computational models for inferring gene networks from microarray data, help investigators understand the molecular mechanisms of epilepsy, and provide new targets for therapeutic intervention in seizure development.
First Award: Identify Informative Genes for Cancer Classification(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 05-01-2004)
This project addresses the problems of identification of informative genes for cancer classification. The main objective of this work is to perform a preliminary investigation on a new margin and genetic-algorithm-based feature-selection algorithm.

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ITTC assistance includes initial free consulting (normally one to five hours). If additional support is needed, ITTC will offer one of the following approaches: 

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Individuals and organizations can enter into agreements with KUCR/ITTC and provide funds for sponsored research to be performed at ITTC with the assistance of faculty, staff and students.

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An ITTC goal is the development of investment-grade technologies for transfer to, and marketing by, local, Kansas, and national businesses. To enhance this process, the Center has developed flexible policies that allow for licensing, royalty, and equity arrangements to meet both the needs of ITTC and the company.

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