Navy Recruits KU Professors to Teach IT Short Course

Lawrence,KS (04-10-2003)

From ITTC News
By Michelle Ward

Professors Joseph Evans, Victor Frost and Gary Minden taught a one-day class on the Internet and networking technology to more than 30 Navy Reservists at the Naval Reserve Center in Kansas City. The professors provided the foundations for information technology (IT) before going on to more difficult IT topics at the April 5 workshop.

The KU faculty condensed material from four different graduate courses to present the workshop. Topics covered for the reservists included general network protocols, how the Internet works and information security. ITTC provided booklets, filled with material about modern communications networking. Thus, a significant amount of information was provided to the enlisted personnel during the one-day class.

I believe that having presenters as knowledgeable as the KU faculty would provide the unit personnel with additional knowledge that would make them more valuable to the United States Navy in the event of mobilization, said Lt. Cmdr. Bob Lambrechts, commanding officer of the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area
Master Station.

These reservists were information systems and electronics technicians, who provide automated information and telecommunications support and services to local, regional and global customers.

I passed out written surveys to each of the unit members that attended the presentation and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, Lambrechts said. The challenge we face is the diverse level of knowledge on IT-type issues that exists within the unit. Consequently, I tasked Dr. Frost and his colleagues with starting out slow and working toward more complex issues, gradually bringing people up to speed.

Given the international situation, Frost said that ITTC greatly appreciated the opportunity to provide a service to the US Navy at this time. He hopes ITTC and the Navy Center in Kansas City will have other chances to collaborate in the future.

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