IntelliSeek Acquires; Adaptive Search Technology and Significant User Base Added

Cincinnati,OH (04-28-2000)

IntelliSeek, the industry's leading provider of Intelligent Search Solutions(tm) for the Web, today announced that it has acquired for an undisclosed amount, gaining access to ProFusion's millions of savvy Internet search users. Privately held (, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is known for its category-specific meta search service that emphasizes speed and ease-of-use while yielding a high degree of relevance and efficiency in Web searches across hundreds of targeted sources. has a user base of over 3 million and the site attracts more than 600,000 unique users every month. Originating from a University of Kansas research project in 1995, ProFusion is one of the original meta search providers, along with SavvySearch and MetaCrawler which were acquired by CNet (Nasdaq: CNET) and Go2Net (Nasdaq: GNET) respectively. is clearly differentiated from other meta searching sites. ProFusion is the only site to offer Adaptive Search(tm) Technology. This technology enables ProFusion users to automatically select, in real time, the best search engines to answer their queries. ProFusion is also the first site that allows users to schedule their searches to be executed offline and to check for new information based on their personal profiles. Furthermore, ProFusion is the only site to offer a co-branding option. This option, called "Private Labeled ProFusion (PLP)", allows partners to easily customize and release the ProFusion meta search service from their Website.

"This is a completely synergistic merger," said Greg Merriman, CEO of "IntelliSeek is the leader on the client side and ProFusion has the best technology on the server-side. By offering both client and server solutions through IntelliSeek's proven, co-branding business model, the large and growing Internet search market will be better served."

IntelliSeek offers consumer and professional search tools for PC-based platforms, popularly known as the BullsEye 2 product line. Combined with, IntelliSeek now offers a complete range of client and server-based Intelligent Search Solutions that can be co-branded and customized to fit any Website, portal, ISP or vertical content provider. is also an ideal offering for corporate portal providers who want a server-side search solution that offers their users instant, high quality search results and is easy to integrate and deploy with their intranet and Internet systems. users will benefit from this merger by experiencing significantly better performance, improved server functionality, and enhanced Web search coverage. IntelliSeek will also provide a free client-side search application to ProFusion users with more in-depth search, analysis and information management capabilities.

IntelliSeek plans to leverage ProFusion's unique Adaptive Search technology to provide the best search results from thousands of search sources instantaneously. In addition, ProFusion's server-side solution will soon be available for IntelliSeek partners to co-brand, customize and distribute using the company's partner-ready infrastructure. Through this merger, IntelliSeek also fills the huge demand for Intelligent Search Solutions from Mac and UNIX users.

"This merger is a bold move for IntelliSeek," said Mahendra Vora, President and CEO of IntelliSeek. "We have added a user base of millions, significant search technology, a dedicated team, and a robust meta search site. Combined with our bench strength, award-winning client products, and proven business model, we can now rapidly target new platforms and markets such as corporate portals and enterprises."'s PC-based users can upgrade to in-depth Web searching for free by downloading BullsEye 2 at IntelliSeek's multi-platform and server-preferring users can try out at

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